Yawl Training Weekend: Friday evening 27th-Saturday 28th April

We are very fortunate to have Mark Rushall presiding over us this year. rushallsailing.com

Friday night: rules session: focus on part 2 (When boats meet). Bring your rules book/rules app ( https://www.rya.org.uk/projects/publications/Pages/world-sailing-app.aspx  )

Most rules “misunderstandings” arise when the “keep clear’ rules appear to conflict with the “give room” rules.

In this session Mark will present a structure that clarifies how this works. (the dry bit), plus a simple process for working out which rule applied and when. This might encourage low stress post race discussions! (Less dry bit.)

We’ll use “the process” to solve some common racing dilemmas (you will do the work!), and discuss how we might use the rules to gain advantage in these situations.

Please bring your examples, simple and complex, and we’ll try to discuss them from each boat’s point of view. (Chimps please stay at home…).

Saturday morning: plan A is to create some interesting tactical/rules situations on the water that we can all learn from. But happy to adapt this on Friday evening if the fleet has other priorities.

Saturday pm: club race. Mark will watch and video parts of the club race, and feedback in a debrief session after dinner. Questions during and after the debrief (and any aspect of racing) most welcome.

I do hope we get good numbers for this event please register your interest with an e mail as soon as possible please. info@syoa.co.uk 

Mark Rushall – My obsession with Racing Rules!

It is my belief that to be forewarned is forearmed, so I’m continually trying to improve my racing rules expertise. Unless you know the racing rules inside out, you can’t work out how to push to your limits and make the most of any situation.

I have developed my knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing to become a dependable contact for professional sailors. As a four times winner of BUSA, the British Universities Team Racing championship, I developed a practical working understanding of the sailing rules early on. This has served me well throughout my sailing career.

I am one of the lead coaches for rules expertise for the British Sailing Team. Readers of Yachts and Yachting may be familiar with my regular articles that break down rules situations and explaining the potential outcomes. My books and videos focus on providing clear explanations of some of the most complex rules.

I am a member of the RYA Racing Rules Committee, which meets monthly to rule on hearings and protests which have gone to appeal.

Yawl Training Weekend: Friday evening 26th-Saturday 27th April