Bulge Pump

All Yawls take in a little water, either over the top or from underneath, this is a simple way to keep it under control.

Here are the components you will need and some basic instruction on how to make a light, simple, rechargeable Bilge Pump. (Bottom of page)

I find the battery lasts a long time, more than one race, but that will depend on how much your Yawl leaks.

Instructions :

Cut off the battery plug that comes with the charger, leaving enough wire to fit the new waterproof plug.   Save this plug as you will be able to use it later, when you are wiring up the box.

Fit one of the waterproof plugs you have bought, to the charger, checking that you use the same polarity + to +/ – to -, all the way through the system.

Now use the plug you’ve cut off from the charger, in your wiring of the box to connect to the battery. See photo.

I think it is worth adding a fuse as the battery is a high amp battery.

You will need some wire to extend the pump wiring, and fit the other waterproof plug you have bought to the pump, again get the polarity the right way, red to + / blue/black to -.

I have fixed the box in place just under the deck on the stringers with some bungee cord for easy removal.

For fitting the pump, its best to get a piece of thin wood and make a pad and using some Silicon or similar, stick this to a plank near the plate box, and screw the pump to that rather than screwing it into a plank. Then drill a hole in the top of the plate box, under the thwart seat, and fit the pipe fitting.  Now fit a pipe (which you will need to get), from the pump. Simples.

Links to websites where you can buy the components 

The links may change

Waterproof Box

Fuse Holder This can be bought in the boat store

5A Car Fuse This can be bought in the boat store

Waterproof Socket you need one

Waterproof Plug you need two 

Waterproof switch cover This can be bought in the boat store

Toggle Switch This can be bought in the boat store

Rule Bilge Pump 360 GPH Submersible 24D This can be bought in the boat store

Hose Coupling This can be bought in the boat store

Vapextech 12V 4600mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack

Vapextech Charger Battery NiCd/NiMH 4.8V 6v 7.2v 8.4v 9.6v 10.8v 12v UK Plug

Pipe Adapter


Waterproof Switch Cover

Fuse Holder


Box Outside

Box Inside



Battery 12v 4600mAh

Waterproof Box


Waterproof Plug x 2