The Training weekend was a great success we had nine yawls on the water 

“The Salcombe Yawl Owners Association ran a training weekend at Salcombe Yacht Club over the weekend to help new Yawl owners and existing owners improve their racing skills and learn more about sail trim and handling a Yawl around a course. It was organised by the Chairman of the Yawl Owners Association, Andrew Stirling, and was run by Richard Whitworth who has trained Olympic teams, Merlin Rocket teams and many more. Richard ran many different exercises, from classroom work to practical manoeuvres on the water, which included practice starts, to going around the windward mark and general boat control. He also went through sail trim on a Yawl in the boat park. There were nine Yawls on the water and twenty participants. Even though there was very little wind and a bit of rain, Richard kept us so engaged we did not notice. The feed back from the weekend was, “please can we do it again!”.

For the participants your video is hear

Training weekend videos

Sail trimming and rig setup

Classroom work 

Yawl Training Weekend Success

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