The Salcombe Yacht Club has been offered Yawl 101 for the use of the members and their guests.

This Yawl has been offered by Clive and Barbara Adamson.

As some of you may remember Yawl 101 used to be run by SYC. Now as you know Yawls need up-keep, I intend to support SYC in their efforts by doing some begging from you to raise some money, this may come in some fund raising schemes or just outright begging.

Andrew Y74

(an extract from an email)

As the Club Sailing Coordinator I have seen the positive effect that having suitable Club boats can bring to the life of the Club.

We are able to give opportunities to people to sail that don’t have their own boat and in turn encourage new members. What will be really special about having a Club Yawl is that it will provide the opportunity for sailors of other classes the chance to try a yawl and hopefully in turn give a boost to the Yawl Class by providing more Yawl sailors. In giving Y101 to SYC you are contributing to the history of the Class so that this unique and special fleet remains strong in Salcombe. I hear Y101 has a special history, having been commissioned for the Club, and I will make sure that it is documented.

With very many thanks.
Kind regards
Jayne Morris
Sailing Coordinator
Salcombe Yacht Club
01548 842593


Yawl 101 has been offered to SYC for the use of its members
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