Dear All

The Fleeting of the Yawls for the SYC Regatta – there is a strong view that we should keep the Green Fleet.

I think the Green Fleet is a very good home for those who do not wish to race in the Red Fleet especially the older Red boats, or helms that have less experienced crew.

If there are more of you out there that want to Race in the Green Fleet, can we see what the numbers are please? I have heard that some of you may not register until you know if the Green Fleet is in place.

The goal is, as always, to create an environment that gets as many Yawls out racing, and if there is something stopping this, then we must change.

The first year we did this we had some of the Blue Fleet in the Green Fleet. My preference is to leave the Blue Fleet and just have a split in the Red Fleet, but of course if any Blue boats wish to go into the Green Fleet that would be fine. i.e all the Blue boats that are in front of me would be good!

Of course if the numbers get too big in the Blue Fleet we may have to move some again into the Green Fleet, so early registration will enable good planning.

I have enclosed a list of 2010 Green Fleet.

So please do not just put this email in your pending folder – just click reply, with the following message so we can get this arranged in good time.

I want to race in the Green Fleet with your Y number


I want to race in the Red Fleet, with your Y number

Please note, if you do not reply the SYOA committee will decide.

We need to make plans with SYC for the extra start.

Thank you




The Fleeting of the Yawls for the SYC Regatta