We are again running a race training weekend on 5/6/7 May and there is still plenty to learn!


Richard Whitworth has agreed to be our coach again.  He is a very accomplished dinghy sailor and has a lot to give to novice sailors, to those new to the fleet and to our most seasoned racers.  In addition local helms Simon Gibbens and Malcolm Squire have kindly offered to front the Sunday morning session….between them they have won a huge number of races.  


The itinerary will, as before, run from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime and include the first Yawl Mini Series race on Saturday afternoon and a group supper on Saturday night.  High water on Saturday will be 16.02 BST 4.3m.  With the early May Open on the previous weekend, your Yawl will hopefully be ready to go!


The theme this year will be how to analyse the best strategy for a race, be it a race in the estuary or at any other venue.  Top helms generally do well wherever they race  but how do they do it?!  Some guiding principles are at work both before and during the race and hopefully we will pick up many tips.


On Saturday night supper will be at 7.00pm and details will be confirmed at a later date.


The weekend’s schedule is set out below……


Friday 20.00 to 22.00….SYC chartroom   Richard to outline the principles and information sources he uses to prepare for a race series. What factors will likely influence the start and your course during the race? Wind forecasts, tides , known wind bends sea breezes and shadows, sea state and obstructions will all likely come into play.  Getting that race strategy right consistently is the skill of top helms but how do you interpret all the information out there?


Also to be covered at this session is any particular issue that people need help with, so prior warning of these using Richard’s questionnaire he sends out beforehand would be appreciated.



Saturday 10.00 -12.00  Various sailing exercises with on-the-water instruction.

Saturday Club Race  14.00….Race 1 of the Yawl’s “Mini Series 2016″


Saturday 19.00….. Group supper ….TBC 


Saturday 20.00 to 22.00….SYC Chartroom   Video debrief of the day’s sailing by Richard


Sunday 10.30 to 12.30 ….SYC chartroom   Simon and Malcolm have sailed in the Estuary since they were boys. Without question they know the waters, winds and obstructions like the back of their hand and use this to great advantage in getting to the front of the fleet. The tips from them will likely save you years of making the wrong strategic course decisions!


Sunday 12.30…. The bar


Do please come along if you can. Its free and there is most of the year’s Yawl calendar in which to work on all the tips.  If you can’t spare the time to do it all then come along to parts. However Saturday morning on-the-water instruction is limited in numbers so do let us know.


Please email John Smithers in good time to reserve a place on training and also to book meals at  john@thesmithers.com


Training Weekend