SYOA Training Weekend 16/17 April  2016

Your weekend is going to be hosted by Richard Whitworth Racing Coach 


To apply or if you have any question contact   John Smithers

Prior to the weekend we would send out your High Impact Questionnaire to people coming in order to pick up particular issues they may want addressed. Also we will ask how they gauge their skills on a scale of 1 to 10 at   a) general sailing, and b) racing so that Richard can adjust his content to suit.

Friday 20.00 to 22.00. General session in the SYC Chartroom covering…


  • Addressing the HIQ responses
  • The basics for sailing fast around the race course..
  • Starting
  • Mark rounding
  • Minimising rudder drag by windward/leeward heel and easing/hardening the jib/mizzen and main
  • The benefit of rolling the boat through tacks /gybes
  • Having clear wind.
  • Regular tricky scenarios at Salcombe… How do the racing  rules apply?…
  • At the two ends of the start line
  • Port tack off the shallows
  • Approaching obstructions
  • Continuous obstruction
  • Mark room…gybe / no gybe
  • Luffing rights
  • Being amongst six-across on the run.  Approaching a slow six-across from behind with power in your sails….no room inside and no luffing rights…the right to sail a ‘proper course’
  • Etc.
  • To avoid the slight air of confusion that prevailed this year when on the water on Saturday we discussed issuing an A5 laminated briefing sheet of the exercises we will be doing during the following morning, and the practice start sequence you will be using. We discussed using 3-2-1-0 min hoots with flags at 3 and 1 so that it is clear which hoot is which. I think it would also help to only use laid marks rather than harbour buoys of which there are many the same.
  • Saturday 10.00 -12.00.  On water instruction.
  • Suggestions discussed were… Box exercise to blow out the cobwebs as first time out for the season.
  • Follow the rib for boat handling skills…fast out tacking and gybing, stopping and starting mark rounding…all made faster by windward/leeward heel.
  • Race starts around short one lap course…beat – run- reach- back to line

If the wind is right perhaps we could practice (away from each other!) the effects of windward/leeward heel and hands-off steering.

  • Saturday Club Race  14.00….Race 1 of the Yawl’s “Mini Series 2016″
  • Saturday 19.00 Group supper at SYC
  • Saturday 20.00 to 22.00 Video debrief session in SYC Chartroom 
  • Sunday 10.00 to 11.00 Batson Boat Park…  Sail trim and rig set up illustrated by Yawl on trolle
  • Sunday 11.30 to 12.30  Round up session in SYC Chartroom
  • Sunday 12.30  The bar.

This timetable makes good use of the weekend without being too crammed, so hopefully about right.

Nearer the time we will no doubt be in touch

 Kind regards

 John Smithers


SYOA Training Weekend 16/17 April

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