RaceManager DEMO

This is a demonstration version of the SYC RaceManager system [Version 8] – you can use it to practise before your OOD duty or familiarise yourself with the signing on system. The demo system provides an example of the five main types of races run at SYC (it can be easily configured to run different types of races). The first two races are configured to use the Sign On system so you can enter a few boats using the Sign On system first and then gather those entries in RaceManager.

Read this first . . .

    • Each application runs in a separate browser window


    • Internet Explorer 8 is the recommended browser (…working on a Firefox version)


  • This demo is running over the internet and is MUCH slower than the normal PC installation.


links not working at this time due to updates

More information . . .

Race Manager: Start Demo Application

Sign on: Start Demo Application


New Race manager to be installed in SYC Race Box next year.