Looks like there is not enough
interest this time round,
so not happening.
Always difficult to reproduce a great
Yawls In France
If you went you know, if you did not go, well it is difficult to explain what you missed.
And if you would like to be reminded there are plenty of pictures on the SYOA Flicker site.
The Gulf of Morbihan is a true inland ‘little sea’ composed of 12,000 hectares of Atlantic sea sheltered from swell. A magical place where sea, land & sky melt in changing & picturesque landscapes. The Morbihan Gulf is part of the World Most Beautiful Bays Club.
7th event in 2013, May 6th to May 12th 2013
A wonderful week of sailing for all the crews!
If you are interested in this event happing again let me know
All the best
Morbihan Gulf, Semaine du Golfe 2013