3.1 The weight of the hull in dry condition (the definition of a dry boat is under review) including floorboards, centre-plate, bowsprit, buoyancy and fastenings, fixed fittings rigidly secured to the hull and correctors, but stripped of sails, spars (other than bowsprit and bobstay), rudder, tiller, running and standing rigging, shall not be less than 381kg.
3.2 Centre plate shall not weigh more than 101.6kg nor less than 63.5kg. The builder shall certify the weight of this centre plate.
3.3 External ballast keel shall not weigh more than 63.5kg nor less than 50.8kg. The builder shall certify the weight of this ballast keel before it is incorporated within the structure of the boat.
3.4 Corrector weights, if required, shall be located above the waterline and securely attached to the hull by screws, bolts or adhesive. The weight of the correctors shall be permanently marked and visible without removal from the hull structure, their total weight shall not exceed 25.4kg.