Salcombe Yawl Open Meeting
4th-6th May 2013
Notice of Race
Race 1 Saturday 4th May14.20 14.40
Race 2Sunday 5th May10.40 10.50
Race 3Sunday 5th May14.10 14.20
Race 4Monday 6th May10.40 10.50
The Salcombe Yawl Class is invited to compete in a weekend Open Meeting hosted by Salcombe Yacht Club. There will be 4 Races with 3 to count. National Twelves will also be racing over the weekend and there is a Laser Open on Sunday.
Prizegiving will be held in the Yacht Club at 14.30 hrs on Monday 6th May. All competitors and their friends are honorary members of Salcombe Yacht Club for this event. Lunches will be served daily between 12 noon and 2pm. The club bar is well stocked and competitively priced.
Conditions of Entry
All races will governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – 2016, RYA prescriptions and applicable Class Association rules, except as modified by the Sailing Instructions, Entry Form and any Notices to Competitors posted in Salcombe Yacht Club. Salcombe Yacht Club reserves the right to make any alterations it may deem necessary.
It shall be the sole responsibility of each yacht to decide whether or not to start or to continue to race.
By participating in a race conducted under these rules each competitor and yacht owner agrees :
( i) to be governed by the above rules
(ii) to accept the penalties imposed and other action taken in accordance with the rules, subject to the appeal and review procedures provided in them, as the final determination of any matter arising under the rules; and
(iii) with respect to such a determination, not to resort to any court or tribunal not provided by the rules.
(iv) The Salcombe Yacht Club reserves the right to make any alterations it may deem necessary.
A boat is entirely responsible for its own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing, whether in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions or anywhere else, reduces this responsibility.
It is for the boat to decide whether it is fit to sail in the conditions in which it finds itself. By launching or going to sea the boat confirms that it is fit for those conditions and that its crew is competent to sail and compete in them.
The boat is required to hold adequate insurance and in particular to hold insurance against third party claims in the sum of at least £3M.
Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the boat nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the racing. The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the race and the event, and include the organising authority, the race committee, the race officer, patrol boats and beachmasters.
The provision of patrol boats does not relieve the boat of its responsibilities.
If you are in a Collision with a non competing boat whether it be underway or moored you must report the incident to the Harbour Office and fill out the appropriate Form. If you hit a moored boat you must complete a 360 degree penalty turn. If you are seen to have a collision that is not reported with such a boat you will be disqualified from the Race at the Race Officers discretion.
Please show consideration for other users and sail safely at all times.
Salcombe Yawl Open May 4-6th 2013
Sail Number: Boat Name:
Helm Name:
Helm Address:
Crew Name:
Crew Address:
Helm Telephone:
Helm Email:
Crew Email:
Helm SYOA Association member Yes No
Red Fleet Blue Fleet
For early entry discount please enter on line by 30th April (

Late Entry Fee: £50.00 non SYC Members Late Entry Fee: £30.00 SYC Members

I agree to be bound by the rules of the ISAF, RYA, relevant class rules and the sailing instructions. I hold a valid measurement certificate, which will be available on request. I hold third party liability insurance of at least £3,000,000.

Signed: Date:

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