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STR 2019 Link

STR 2018 results Link: Red / Blue / Pursutit

STR 2017 Link

STR 2016 Yawl Handycap Results 
1st Y183 Will Henderson & Jim Stone
2nd Y159 Dan Bridger & var
3rd Y154 Graham Pike
4th Y171 Mike & Karen Whitehouse

1st 8th overall Y132 Anthony & Allyson Lofts
2nd 10th overall Y61 Robin Hodges & var
3rd 11th overall Y155 Guy Rigby & Richard Murray.
4th 12th overall Y74 Andrew Stirling & Stephon & Var

STR 2015

STR 2014 Yawl Results

Town Regatta 2014 results Overall

STR 2013 Yawl Results as follows

Red Fleet

1st Will and Mary Henderson

2nd Frank Rowsell and Charlotte Coleman

3rd Clive Jacobs and Crew

4th David and Josie Greening

Boat Store Trophy – Rob Adams and Crew

Blue Fleet

1st Andrew and Elizabeth Savell

2nd Anthony and Allyson Lofts

3rd Guy Rigby and Richard Murray

4th Andrew Wood and Imogen,Sophie and Isabella

STR 2012 Results.

Red Fleet

1st – Andy Savell Y187

2nd- Mike Whitehouse Y171

3rd – Graham Pike Y154

4th – Mark Jephcott Y148

Blue Fleet

1st – Andrew Wood

2nd – Guy Rigby

3rd – Anthony Lofts

4th – Barney Greenhill

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